( Pronounced:  Juh - Mee - Shuh )
We are a small family owned company. The JA in Jamicha ( Pronounced: Juh - Mee - Shuh ) stands for Jack (my wonderful supportive husband), the MI stands for Michelle (thatís me!) and the CHA is for Chanelle (our daughter). We are all actively involved in making the best soaps for your health and enjoyment. All Jamicha soaps are made from a highly moisturizing, all-vegetable formula. Each bar is a non-alcohol based, hypo-allergenic formula, with humectant moisturizers. They lather well in all types of water and rinse off without clogging skin pores or leave a bathtub ring.
We formulate our soaps with a high glycerin content (superior moisturizing properties) and a pH of 7.8. Manypopular store-bought soaps are between 9.5 and 10 (harsh!!!) We use only the highest quality essential oils andfragrances and wonderful botanicals grown in our own gardens or procured from the most trusted sources.    Each Jamicha soap is individually wrapped so that it will be ready to display in a pretty place until you are readyto enjoy it. Jamicha soaps also make wonderful gifts, giving maximum joy for minimum cost.Our soaps are handmade, not mass produced, yet we are still able to deliver most orders in approximately twoweeks. Custom orders may take longer, and are available upon request. To ensure customer confidence andsecurity, we have selected PayPal for online ordering.We also donate ourFishing soaps to the IGFA Children’s Fishing tournaments. Another way we support our community is theBalletiquette Dance Troupe which is a non-profit association to help keep our children dancing.Jamicha Soaps has joined the 101 Artists' Colony in their gift shop. (located at 90 N. Coast Hwy 101, Encinitas,Ca. 92024) The 101 Artists' Colony is and all volunteer organization founded in 1998 to provide a venue forartists, poets and performers to interact with the community.The colony houses artist studios and presents monthly art exhibits.The colony hosts musical events, full moonpoetry readings and art education.The Colony is a primary participant in the annual Art's Alive banner program and the Encinitas Art of Dessert aswell as other community events. Jamicha Soap Company is delighted to be associated with this fine group.Jamicha Soaps is donating several dozen "De-Fishing Soap" bars to the International Game Fish Association'sYoung Angler Tournament Series in San Diego County. The tournaments bring in underprivileged children fromaround the county to fish on piers. The tournaments are being held July 23rd through September 13th.We are thankful for the love, support and guidance from our friends, family and advisors that has allowed Jamicha Co. LLC to grow and flourish...We look forward to hearing from you!!